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Dream Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization with Civil Construction, Manpower Supply & Security Guard Services. We have been majorly developing in Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, ESR/GST & Land/Road sectors since 2009. We believe, new technology like mechanization will change the face of construction and the safety of workers. Our top priority is to maintain relationships with customers, coworkers, suppliers & people connected with us on every platform. We are planning to give more quality services in upcoming years with our dedicated workforce.



A diversified Organization delivering projects for over 11 years


Our mission is to fulfill projects with excellent standards & ensuring customers delight.

Core Value

Relationship with our clients, candidates and our services will always be at their best at any given time, without any discrimination and prejudice based on race, gender and religion.

  • Generate employment to skilled and capable workers in the market.

  • Value client's needs.

  • Search Honest, positive, compassionate candidates suitable for the organization.

  • Encourage social relationships and take it to a new level of business and friendship.

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Bhuleshwar Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Goyel


Dream Construction has been a critical partner to us on the Expansion of Rolling Mill for TRISHUL TMT. The team of project managers, supervisors and their support teams can't be revealed by any other contractor I have worked with over the past 9 years. They are dedicated, professional, thorough, accommodating, responsive, hardworking, committed to excellence and nice! I always breathe a sign of relief when I know I will be working with DREAM because I know that they will act as an ambassador for my interests and never let me down.

Anup Printers, Karegaon, Pune

Amit Mittal


DREAM Construction did a fantastic job managing our transition into the new factory Building at karegaon MIDC, Pune. The routines we kept to ensure our project remained on track and on time, the frequency of communication and the responsiveness of the project team aided in making the transition process as seamless as possible. Most importantly, DREAM was able to translate our vision and the specs from our design team to truly bring our brand to life within our factory. Our Factory today truly reflect who we are as a company and what we stand for regarding the product we sell. Our team as well as our company’s leadership is extremely pleased with the final result and would highly recommend DREAM Construction for future services.

Round Table India - (Area 15)

Rahul Wadhawa

AST 2020-21

Words simply can’t express the level of appreciation and gratitude we feel for the DREAM Construction team’s passion and dedication as they completely transformed the simple classrooms into such a beautiful, wondrous Institutional Buildings. The care, compassion and concern that went into every aspect of the renovation as well as new construction was truly inspiring.
Your respectful and intentional concern to understand more about the support to primary education is truly meaningful. The work your team did to create these new Institutional Buildings has given students even more hope that community leaders like yourself do care about their future. Thank you for making a difference in their lives. Your work will be a lasting legacy that will have impact for generations to come.
We look forward to our continuing partnership with DREAM Construction in the future. We don’t take our work together lightly. Please thank each and every person who participated in helping.

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