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Dream Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization with Civil Construction, Manpower Supply & Security Guard Services. We have been majorly developing in Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, ESR/GST & Land/Road sectors since 2009. We believe, new technology like mechanization will change the face of construction and the safety of workers. Our top priority is to maintain relationships with customers, coworkers, suppliers & people connected with us on every platform. We are planning to give more quality services in upcoming years with our dedicated workforce.

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Our Team

A team that is constantly look at ways to set higher benchmark for themselves




Build trust with moral & ethical values to maintain every relation we maintain from customer to co-workers. This helps us maintain the high standards of our services.


We strongly believe that our people are the most important assets of the organization. We endure every bond with people connected with DFSPL. Many associates have been working with us for more than nine years. They earned their positions working consistently in our ups & downs. We are always looking to reward such people. We try to give them opportunities to grow & training programs.

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To enable timely delivery of projects and uniform quality standards across the organization, a strong quality management culture was introduced in DFSPL. We have established the Quality Manual, Quality Assurance Plan and Inspection Testing Plan, which become the guiding documents for the project quality assurance teams. Frequently, we did third-party testing with nationally certified and accredited testing labs, thus we ensure quality assurance and control as per the standards set.

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To achieve the desired quality as per standards set and to try to reduce the challenge of a constantly moving workforce, DFSPL believes in imparting continuous training to our workers. Starting from induction at the project, specific job trainings, safety trainings, mass toolbox talks, fire drills, rescue drills, emergency response drills, we try to cover the whole spectrum of training requirements.

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With the engagement of mechanized construction, calling for heavy cranes and material handling, increased construction volumes and high expectations of deliverables, a need evolved for a dedicated vertical ensuring safe working practices throughout the organization in a structured manner implementation of OSHAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management DFSPL safety vertical has an organizational overview with a resource pool of over personnel led by a safety head reporting directly to the management. At a project level, the safety team is deployed at the onset of the project, directly reporting to the head office and independent of the time and deliverable pressures of the project team. Control measures like induction, training, toolbox talks, camps, work permit systems, safety observation reports, corrective action, preventive action, emergency response drills, near miss and accident reporting protocols, ensure a structured, uniform and safe working environment across all the projects and workplaces of the company.

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We are committed to looking into new formwork systems and construction procedures. We stay on top of advancing technology by implementing the best construction practices to meet the changing needs of our clients. We continuously enhance and upgrade our skill-sets to separate us from our competitor.

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Let us Involve for
“ Concept to Creation “

Our Features


Relationship with our clients and candidates, and our services will always be at their best at any given time, without any discrimination and prejudice based on race, gender, and religion.

  • Generate employment to skilled and capable workers in the market.

  • Value client's needs.

  • Search Honest, positive, compassionate candidates suitable for the organization.

  • Encourage social relationships, and take it to a new level of business and friendship.